vapor studies

Vapor Studies is a pile of dolls made of organic fabric printed with photos of smoke. They were drawn with pencil on 20 x 30 inch sheets of paper. The drawings teach that people create too much pollution in the world and should stop. This is one of the photos I took that was used on the dolls. You can clearly see the smoke (or at least a cloud).

This was one of the plans for a doll so you can see the parts of the doll like the legs, feet, ears, nose and arms.

This is the final model before production.

Project Vapor Studies: Artist’s Statement

Born out of frustration about the constant burning of garden trash in Thailand, in particular the smoke that these habits caused, this idea developed. It wasn’t until I returned to China that I felt that this idea just had to come to light. While my personal worry about environmental concerns grew, Asian people seem to be still unconscious or ignorant of the real problems. China, the biggest producer of CO2 in the world, is a place where smoke can easily be found everywhere.

The Idea

The idea consists of taking photos of smoke and printing them on fabric, then using this fabric to make a variety of stuffed animals and bean bag chairs.

The Change

Who would want to buy a stuffed toy for their children that was made of pollution? Aren’t we constantly being urged to buy things that have caused the pollution that surrounds us?

The purpose of the work is to generate change in multiple ways. The artwork acts as a vehicle that builds awareness about the role of the consumer in society. Continuing to buy products that comfort the consumer’s ego without considering the social and environmental consequences will lead us to destruction.

The proceeds from the project are donated to environmentally focused non-profit organizations. We make the choices, we can shape our air and hug the environment.